In 2007 less than 20 rhinos were poached.
In 2015 that number was over 1200.800-rhinos

Why the ShadowView Foundation

We love innovation and technology, but we love conservation and protecting people even more. So after a combined 30 years of working in conservation and law enforcement we decided the time was right to combine these things by launching the ShadowView Foundation.


We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. There are so many great organisations out there protecting wildlife or helping humans in need; what we do is offer them a little extra help in the form of unmanned aerial support and cutting edge technology solutions.

Patrolling areas with thermal cameras
Poaching in Africa is escalating at an unprecedented rate. In 2007 less than 20 rhino where poached, in 2013 that number was over 1000. The rangers need all the help they can get. That’s why we are now operating in Southern Africa with our UAVs, patrolling areas with thermal cameras and increasing the chances of poachers being caught in the act.
Criminal and observational investigations
Elsewhere in the world we support animal welfare NGO’s with criminal and observational investigations. Our rapid deployment UAV goes up every time they need footage of areas that you can’t reach by foot and the film can be used for prosecution and other investigations, which is the type of work we love.

We are the first charitable organisation in the world that uses Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones if you like, for conservation and humanitarian projects. We don’t just do it for our own projects because we believe in sharing knowledge and combining efforts. We enable other organisations to benefit from our expertise, operators and technology systems and support them as much as possible. This is why we have become a charity, we raise funds, write grant proposals and ask our supporters to donate so we can help other NGOs around the world to make their own projects happen.

What Shadowview does

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