Unmanned Aerial Systems

Shadow Rotor
Perfect for: promotional filming, crime scene documenting, anti poaching near range support+ Rapid deployable
+ Easily transported
+ Hover on the spot

Multi Rotor
Perfect for: stunning aerial photography and filming, crime scene documenting and detailed imagery.+ Incredibly stable
+ Heavy lifters
+ Hover on the spot

Shadow Ranger
Perfect for: anti poaching rapid response, disaster relief, wildlife monitoring and biomass management.+ Hand launchable
+ Easy to deploy
+ Easy to handle

Sea Ranger
Perfect for: coastal patrols, marine wildlife monitoring, illegal fishing investigations and boat inspections.+ Hand launchable
+ Lands on water
+ Easy to handle

Eco Ranger
Perfect for: anti-poaching operations, disaster relief, long endurance flight and heavy terrain operations.+ Long endurance
+ Very rugged
+ Auto take off and landing

Range explanation

We all want a UAV hundreds of kilometers over the horizon. But is it possible? Yes, it is but it is extremely expensive to operate that way because satellites are needed and few can afford that. Here’s how range works:  ShadowView can make the telemetry work to over 30km, but we need line of sight which at 30 km is 3000ft at ground level, making it potentially illegal/irresponsible to operate. The optics within a small budget would not be effective at these ranges/altitudes. To remain under 1000ft, where the optics are designed to operate effectively, our range will be around 10km. To achieve greater range is a factor of cost – a 3G network or satellite communication. However we can always stretch range by flying waypoints blind and downloading images post flight and we are looking at live 3G communications to our UAV.

Additional equipment

Photo equipment
Any of our systems can carry sophisticated cameras offering outstanding picture quality for applications requiring vibrant, high-resolution images and flexibility.
Video equipment
Whether it’s a small GoPro or the latest Red Epic our UAVS can carry them, promising amazing video quaility up to 5k resolution .
We love FLIR. Many of our projects and missions require night surveillance, which is why we work with state of the art thermal cameras systems like those provided by FLIR. For UAV use, FLIR Quark and Tau2 provide stunning thermal video at reasonable cost.
All our systems have integrated auto-pilots, ensuring safe flights and emergency return to home features.

Extra solutions



First Person View (FPV). Through a special mounted camera on the airframe the operator sees directly where he is flying making it possible to fly very precisely to certain areas or around large objects, while another camera focuses on filming the target


(Automatic take off and landing)
This system supports the more inexperienced UAV operator during the hardest part of operating a UAV: the take-off and landing.

Ground Control Station (GCS)

All our hardware is integrated into a rugged suitcase, making working with our UAVs possible in the hardest conditions around the world.
The GCS includes a video link to the ground showing real time what the camera on the UAV is recording.