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Our Unmanned Aerial Systems are designed to make a difference.
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Other ways to support

Hire our demo team

Want to spice up your corporate event? Need some stunning aerial photography? Want to show your family, friends or clients what UAVS can do? Hire us and we’ll show you. All proceeds will go to our campaigns.

Host a fundraiser

Get everyone involved and host a great party, silent auction or perhaps a special dinner party. Together we’ll decide which project you want to support – perhaps support our UAVs for wildlife protection or support disaster relief? Let’s create a theme and make a project happen and of course we’ll come and speak about our work.

Buy our book

Co-founder, Laurens de Groot, wrote the book Hunting the hunters about his anti-poaching activities. His proceeds will go to our conservation projects.

Hire a public speaker

Steve and Laurens have a combined experience of over 30 years in law enforcement, environmental and animal conservation, they have sailed to Antarctica multiple times, flown through hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, dived in the illegal Bluefin tuna cages in the Meditteranean and battled poachers in Africa. Their stories are exciting, tense and motivational. Let them inspire your team or company.

Inspire others

“Check out The ShadowView Foundation. This organisation is changing the world of conservation.”