Need to get imagery to catch poachers, can’t access hard to reach areas or are you thinking clever new technology solutions might solve your problem? That’s where ShadowView comes in!

If you need aerial support but have no idea what it costs, how it works or how to fly, then let us guide you through the process. Our dedicated team is constantly researching new ideas and developing tools to improve our work around the world. Together we can find a way to innovate, work cost-efficiently, create a highly visible campaign and make your project a success!


Project preparation and management
Before we fly our operators will take you through all our safety procedures and flight plans. We’ll explain how everything works, where we’ll be flying, what you can expect and we’ll discuss what you would like to achieve. Our team is there to make your mission happen so we won’t take off without your crucial input.

In the Air

Our UAV service
ShadowView Foundation uses the latest Unmanned Aerial Systems flown by highly trained and licensed operators, capable of undertaking a variety of mission applications. We are not profit motivated, so we’ll help you find the most cost-effective solution for your needs. Our team has a great track record of operational success in challenging conditions and we can meet your operational requirements anywhere in the world at any time. All you need to tell us is what needs to be done, we will bring the equipment and operators and we will deal with local flying regulations and authorities. We will then execute the mission, bringing you high resolution video/images of the environment or object of interest.

On the ground

Conventional investigations
Sometimes a flying camera alone won’t be enough to get you the evidence that you need. ShadowView staff have a long track record of criminal investigating. If your mission requires old-school investigation tactics, we’d love to jump in and support it. Following criminals, interventions, GPS tracking, field observations, beacon placing, you name it and we’ll figure it out!

Some of the organisations we have worked with:


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