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All donations go to our projects globally. Your support allows us to use the latest technology and best operators in order to support other organisations around the world to protect the people, animals and the environment in which we live. Whether we are fighting for the last wild rhino in Africa or looking for survivors after an earthquake you are assured that your donation made it happen!
ShadowView operators follow a strict set of ethical guidelines: ShadowView UAVs will never carry weapons or munitions. Our UAVs will not be used for operations that will cause obvious harm to the environment. We will not provide services or equipment to regime’s blacklisted for such systems and services by either the European or American governments.







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Tax deductible

Any donations to the ShadowView Foundation are tax deductible in the UK, United States and the Netherlands. In the US, the ShadowView Foundation is a fiscally-sponsored project of the Trust for Conservation Innovation (TCI). Tax-deductible contributions received by TCI are re-granted to the ShadowView Foundation.