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The Shadowview Foundation provides Unmanned Aerial Systems for environmental, conservation and humanitarian relief operations.

What Shadowview does



ShadowView’s favourite Dutch high school students finish their project!

Remember those Dutch high school students we told you about a while back? Well, they’ve finished their school project:¬†Click here […]

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The Namibian Drone project.

ShadowView and the Mundulea Nature Reserve in Namibia, have started a collaborative project to protect Munduleas wildlife from poachers and […]

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Saving Orangutans in Borneo.

ShadowView recently completed the trial phase of a mission to assist the orangutan conservation work of International Animal Rescue (IAR) […]

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Dugong sea cow

Drones for Dugongs!

ShadowView and Community Centered Conservation Philippines (C3) have started a joint project, focusing on dugong (sea cow) conservation. By conducting […]

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